Brand Ambassador Program

Calling All Jewelry Lovers!

Do you love creating content? Are you a jewelry addict? Then we want you to join our Brand Ambassador Program! Email us at

Brand Ambassador Perks
  1. Receive 1 free piece per month of your choice plus your own deep discount to shop whenever you'd like!
  2. Give your followers an exclusive discount and earn 15% commission for each full price sale.
  3. The Guide by KGP will share your pictures on our social media platforms.
  4. The Guide by KGP will support you in giveaways, promotions, and collab opportunities.

Brand Ambassador Commitment

  1. 3 posts per month minimum in your #theguidebykgp jewelry.
  2. Post 5 stories per month about The Guide by KGP and share your discount code and your thoughts about the product.
  3. Agree to have images reposted on our social media platforms with credit being given.
  4. Tag us and use #theguidebykgp on all posts about us.

*In order to receive your monthly perks all of the above requirements must be met.