The Mercury Retrograde Guide

Mercury retrograde guide

Welcome to my January Mercury Retrograde Guide!

Mercury Retrograde gets a bad rap, but it's a great time to slow down and evaluate so here are my picks to survive Mercury Retrograde and make it a little less chaotic.

1. Our Evil Eye Necklaces - These have been best-sellers from the start and are perfect to wear everyday. These evil eye necklaces are easy to layer or wear alone. Shop Now.

2.  Rifle Paper Co. Pen - Pretty pens makes journaling an even better experience. Shop now.

3. Super Attractor Journal by Gabby Bernstein - Journaling is a great practice even when it's not Mercury Retrograde. I love this one created by Gabby Bernstein because it has different inspiring journal prompts throughout. Shop now.

4. Calm The Chaos Cards - I was gifted these during Christmas and I absolutely love them. I pull a card first thing every morning while having my coffee and it's a great way to start the day on a positive note. Shop now.

5. Sage - Sage is a staple in my house and I love these bundles that have flowers entwined. Shop now.

6. Purification Candle - If you haven't already noticed I have an obsession with candles and I'm a sucker for pretty candles with dried flowers in them. Shop now.

Happy Shopping!

xx, KGP